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asap products focus on rejuvenating and correcting dry,
sun-damaged and oily skin, minimising the signs of ageing and achieving an overall smooth, clear complexion.

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Your skin deserves an award winner

asap pure mineral make-up provides sheer, flawless coverage, SPF15 protection and beautiful luminosity.

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Lip colour never looks good on dry or cracked lips, applying a asap hydrating lip balm before commencing make-up will ensure lips are soft and ready to apply asap pure mineral lipcolour. Lip pencils can be used to correct uneven lips. Select a pencil that matches the natural lip colour or similar to the lipstick and colour in the entire lip area. For a sharp lip line with no feathering use a lip brush as opposed to applying lip colour straight from the tube. Dark colours will make lips appear smaller. Never use a lip colour lighter than the skin tone or a lip pencil darker than the lip shade.